Engineers of our Future – Anna Vulolo Internship


Parmarbrook is a strong believer in supporting students — the engineers of our future. Through our various work experience and placement programmes, we aim to give students a practical insight into the varied world of engineering, help people see the career opportunities and, for our part, celebrate the energy and vision of young people

This summer, Anna Vulolo, 2nd year Student at Cambridge University, joined us for a three-week internship. Working closely with our technical team, Anna was able to gain a real experience of working in a structural design studio.

“The application of maths and physics to the solving of real world problems is what initially directed my interests towards the field of Engineering. Having completed my first year of university, I was keen to get some experience in the work place to see how the principles I was learning about were implemented in the design and realisation of real projects.

My experience at Parmarbrook has been both fulfilling and insightful. From my first day I felt I was in a friendly and welcoming environment, being introduced to members of the team and briefed on the background of current projects. The team were helpful and open, giving me tasks to complete and inviting me to various events and meetings. I came to Parmarbrook with the intention of gaining experience across the workplace in a Structural Engineering environment, and my placement has allowed me to do exactly that. I have been present at meetings between engineers and architects, observed company meetings on upcoming, exciting projects and taken part in design critiques, where foreign concepts were explained to me so that I could be fully engaged in the team’s discussions.

The most enjoyable part of my experience has been the undertaking of a small design task, drawing up plans and details of the retaining walls for the Great Strand ramp of a new secondary school. Though the principles were relatively simple, completing the task required several iterations and adjustments when coming across conflicts which were not initially considered. This gave me insight into the types of details and problems engineers might come across daily in their design work.”