Number 23, Hammersmith

project overview

Number 23 is a playful new-build family house constructed on a vacant end-of-terrace site in West London. The simple elevation conceals a house that is 30% bigger than its neighbours, despite occupying a 20% smaller plot – designed to outstanding environmental standards.

Daylight fills every room in the house – including the full site basement (and the cupboard under the stairs) – using a combination of rooflights, electronically ‘switchable’ glazing, sunpipes with bespoke ‘trumpet bell’ mouldings and more than 40sqm of triple glazing. Various concealed technologies including nanogel insulation dramatically reduce the energy consumption and running costs for the family.

project team

Client: Private

Architect: MATT

key information 

30% bigger than neighbours, despite occupying 20% smaller plot

Outstanding environmental Standards