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Mixed-Use Workplace 

Ibex House

Minories, London

  • Client: Dukelease
  • Architect: AHMM
  • Single storey pavilions at ground, and another at roof level
  • Increased access to the building on three sides, with a new community space at ground floor
  • Terraces have been incorporated to support the wellbeing of occupiers
  • Net Zero target

The City of London Corporation’s planning committee has voted unanimously to approve proposals for the renewal and extension of the Grade II-listed Ibex House, located on the Minories. Whilst its architectural significance is unquestionable, the inner workings, practical arrangements, environmental performance and desirability as a workplace have failed to last as well as its external appearance. With sustainability at the forefront, the iconic building will be reinvigorated to create additional area through ground floor side and roof extensions, including terraces, and the reconfiguration of the ground floor to create a social hub for the building. The iconic ten-storey grade II listed building will be altered and refurbished, optimising it as a prime commercial space in the capital.