Ibex House

Minories, London
Net Zero target

Ibex House was purchased in 2019 by a joint venture between Dukelease and Henderson Park to breathe new life into this cherished building. Whilst its architectural significance is unquestionable, the inner workings, practical arrangements, environmental performance and desirability as a workplace have failed to last as well as its external appearance.

The iconic ten-storey grade II listed building will be altered and refurbished over time, optimising it as a prime commercial space in the capital.

Working alongside our clients, AHMM and the team will return this iconic building to ‘best in class’ office provision, with a sensitive and discreet multi-layered approach, including a pair of refined single-storey pavilions at ground, and another at roof level. The refurbishment will provide increased access to the building on three sides, with a new community space at the ground floor.

The proposals have sustainability at the centre of the design approach, seeking to minimise operational and embodied carbon emissions through reusing existing fabric, re-introducing natural ventilation, substantially improving energy performance with high-performance glazing and insulation, and moving away from gas to become an all-electric building. The development will achieve a significant reduction in operational carbon emissions, meeting the GLA’s Net Zero target, and providing bike parking to London Plan standards for new buildings.

Terraces have been incorporated to support the well-being of occupiers. Planting is integrated to sunken lightwells and roofs of the street-level pavilions, adding a degree of softness to the street scene and creating a green corridor.

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